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My Adventure With The Whales


Far off I heard her whistling
Long, high pitch...thrilling
Again the lone heart wakes
As if from sleep

Yes the echo moves my heart strings 
Setting in motion my response
Though my mind is in a fiddle
‘Cause I don't know where...I don't know how....
DOooooo she whistles
Can't now...can't take the time.
CAN echoes through the caves of my soul

Drawn now, I set sail on the oceans of my life
But I question how to capture the "I can"
Barriers block me in
Waves of fear clutch my heart
Barely breathing with a thready pulse skipping in my ears  
Off key with her call singing in the wind  

Challenged, I pilot my heart to rise up
And face the winds of change that
Chisel off the T-barriers of cant, don't, won't...

Shafts of light focus so I can see clearly now
My heart pulse strong and meets her call
A symphony of can, do, now...
Barriers, shackles, hindrances, gone

And there deep in the ocean she gathers her mighty power
Bends and slides up into the wind,
Breeching strong
Diving out of the water, dancing and breathing fresh air
Water glides off her, shimmering in the sun
I feel her joy as she flips and turns, freely stretching to the sky
She calls...

I dive in
Salt water leaks into my mask stinging my eyes
Then quiet...
No roar of the surf here in the deep
Colors of blue surround me, calm me.
I am more alive now than ever before

Slowly my vision clears and just inches under me
The baby whale moves with her mother
Six feet long, white tipped pectoral fins silently moving
She looks up
Our eyes meet, inches apart
I feel her looking deep into my heart, deeper into my soul
The ocean is alive with life as this six foot whale glides atop her thirty foot mother
And right by their side an older whale escort over forty feet guards

Time stands still
I've never felt so calm with animals of the deep so huge

The little one looks up and flaps her fins in joy
Breathe of life reaches from both of us through waves of currents
My heart leaps with joy
She smiles
And whistles.

...which still echoes in my heart, today.

 We can
 We do

Silently she rides off into the sunlit waves
Just a baby whale riding and nursing on her mommy
Riding the oceans, learning about life
Piloting her soul
Focused, driven, giving, loving
Can you hear her call echoing in your heart?
Go now.
Rise up and pilot your soul.

Copyright March 10, 2013.  Ann L. Johnson.  All rights reserved.